Corporate Profile


MARDEC has fully absorbed its subsidiary M-Pol to become a midstream and downstream commercial entity. The expanded company’s activities include managerial and technical consultancy services, rubber processing, trading and the manufacturing of value-added rubber & polymer products.

This, combined with its excellent sourcing strategy of raw rubber provides MARDEC with greater control over its value chain, which translates to more effective operations and total quality management. After almost half a century delivering the quality and specialized expertise that buyers have come to expect from the brand, MARDEC remains the preferred producer of rubber and rubber products (generic and customized) around the world.

Our commitment to quality excellence has earned us the MS ISO 9001:2008 certifications for our subsidiaries and factories. Continued efforts to ensure that we meet strict international standards sees the company currently working towards achieving the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000 standard for certification.

As a leader in rubber, MARDEC’s activities extend beyond the purely commercial. The company was set up by the government of Malaysia in 1969 to upgrade the quality of smallholders’ rubber to meet international requirements, and to provide them with an assured and fair marketing outlet. This commitment to the community and environment has carried forward to this day, with MARDEC being recognized for superior EHS practices and the company continuing to implement facilities to assist smallholders.