Kota Putra Rubber City

Kota Putra Rubber City (KPRC) is located in Malaysia’s northern state of Kedah. A 600-hectare industrial park dedicated to rubber production, products, R&D and associated services, KPRC enjoys a favorable location along the Malaysia-Thailand border (providing ease of transport for rubber from Thailand), and will see government incentives provided to investors and their personnel.

1. Estimated completion date:
  1. Phase 1 (MARDEC super factory producing SMR): 2018
  2. Downstream rubber product factories): 2019  
  3. (Residential, Commercial & Institutional): TBD
2. Status of KPRC development:
  1. August 2016: Submission of new masterplan to local authorities
3. What’s in KPRC now – September 2016:
  1. Malaysian Customs, Immigration and Quarantine office
  2. Government quarters
  3. Police station
  4. Basic roads and infrastructure