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EKOPRENA is a form of epoxidised natural rubber (ENR)and it is an established class of specialty rubber obtained by epoxidation of natural rubber (NR) latex.

EKOPRENA is a 'green' material as it is produced from a renewable natural resource unlike suthetic rubbers which are derived from non-replenishable petroleum.

Two grades of EKOPRENA are produced commercially, namely EKOPRENA 25 and EKOPRENA 50 containing 25 and 50% mole epoxidation contents, respectively. These two grades cover the range of properties desirable for most of the expected applications for ENR.

Features Application Recommended ENR Grade
Damping Shoe soles EKOPRENA 50
Wet Grip / Rolling Resistance Tyre Tread EKOPRENA 25
Oil Resistance Hoses, blow-out preventors, Milking inflation, connectors and tubes EKOPRENA 50 / EKOPRENA 25
Gas Impermeability Bladders, inner tubes and tyre liners EKOPRENA 50

EKOPRENA is also subject to comprehensive analytical tests including determination of epoxidation level via Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR).

EKOPRENA 50 exhibits a different behaviour from that of NR. In particular, its oil resistance and gas permeability are comparable with those of some specialty synthetic rubbers. Epoxidation also improves wet grip characteristics of NR and EKOPRENA 25 offers the best balance of wet grip and rolling resistance for tyre applications.

The global trend nowadays is towards sustainable development through waste minimization and efficient use of natural resources (eco-efficient). The use of 'green' materials such as eco-friendly and low-energy products exerts less stress on the environment and improves carbon life cycle.

EKOPRENA packed for export