Supply Chain & Traceability

MARDEC obtains its raw rubber and latex from a combination of sources such as:
  • Parent company Tradewinds Plantations Berhad
  • Agents and traders
  • Local smallholders

As a company committed to ensuring quality and the protection of the environment, MARDEC holds to strict traceability standards and continuously reviews its supply chain to ensure adherence to its Quality Policy and Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Policy (both policies may be viewed and/or downloaded from OUR INTEGRATED POLICIES).

MARDEC will continue to seek increased control and visibility over its supply chain, in order to provide peace of mind to its team and customers. In this way, employees and customers are assured that when they work with MARDEC, they are not negatively impacting others or the environment, nor are they delivering subpar goods to their customers / end-consumers.