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MARDEC also actively engages the Malaysian Rubber Board, universities and other R&D partners in developing and commercializing  rubber products using technologies.

Not satisfied with merely improving on our extensive range of products, our  R&D team constantly looks into the expansion of MARDEC’s product range, improvement of MARDEC’s operations and protection of our environment.

Market-ready innovations will be featured on our website as they are unveiled. If you have an idea, suggestion or would like to explore how you can partner with MARDEC’s MPSB Mentakab Lab we look forward to hearing from you.


Our laboratory facilities located in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are certified under ISO 17025:2005.  Our facilities are capable of carrying out various rubber  effluent testing and environment testing that to ensure our factories comply to DOE standards in the respective countries.

The scope of testing at  Rubber & Effluent Testing laboratory is as per below:

Material / Products Tested Type of Tests / Properties Measured
Chemical Test Dirt
Volatile Matter (VM)
Mechanical Test Rapid Plasticity and Plasticity Retention Index (PRI)
Mooney Viscosity
Material / Products Tested Type of Tests / Properties Measured
Effluent Discharge pH
Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
Total Nitrogen (TN)
Ammoniacal Nitrogen (AN)
Suspended Solids (SS)
Total Solids (TS)


Our specialty rubber facilities processes special grade rubber which includes PA 80, SP 40 / 50 and also processes special grade latex, PV NR Latex (ML 231) to our customers.

MARUB 1420/1450F (PA 80/SP50)

PA 80

Solid forms of Processing Aid 80 (PA80) contains 80% pre-vulcanized rubber and 20% un-vulcanized rubber with some degree of pre-vulcanisation and was normally incorporated in masterbatches

SP 40/50

Superior Rubber (SP Rubber) have a high degree of cross-linking efficiencies, energy reduction and better dimensional tolerances (swelling in process and shrinkage on moulding).

Dirt Content, % (max)
Ash Content, % (max)0.750.750.75
Nitrogen Content, % (max)
Volatile Matter, % (max)
Mooney Viscosity (max)
Extrusion Swell, %10-1510-1510-15
Press Sheet TestSatisfactorySatisfactorySatisfactory


PV NR Latex (ML 231)

PV NR latex is a chemically modified NR latex, which on drying gives a vulcanized film. PV NR Latex is produced in the rubber factory using field latex or concentrates or in the consumer’s factory. NR latex compounds containing ultra-fast accelerators usually achieve some degree of pre-vulcanization during the process of ‘maturation’ in the dispersed rubber phase.

Alkalinity (%)0.60
MST @ 55 % TSC (Sec)>1000
Coagulum Content (ppm)N/A
B/F Viscosity, 2/60 at 26±2 ⁰CN/A
Viscosity (cps) @ 60% TSC
(LVF spindle2, 60 RPM)
Modulus @ 700% Elongation (Mpa)7.0-10.0
Tensile Strength (Mpa)23.0-28.0
Elongation at Break (%)750-850