MARDEC Berhad, established in 1969 has grown to be one of the largest rubber processors in Malaysia. From its beginning, MARDEC has remained true to its commitment to serve the needs of 250,000 smallholders in South East Asia and global customers.

Our core activities include processing and marketing Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Latex Concentrate (LC), specialty and downstream rubber products with natural rubber sourced from local and international smallholders, plantation companies and cooperatives. We employ more than 400 people and operate 9 rubber processing factories in 3 countries namely Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam with a combined annual processing capacity in excess of 300,000MT.

As the trusted name in rubber, MARDEC’s customers include major global brand tyre producers, glove manufacturers and other industrial users than span across four continents encompassing Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. While for MARDEC downstream sector produces various molded, extruded and assembled components for automotive, healthcare, agriculture, oil and gas and building material industries.

Our commitment to quality excellence has earned us the MS ISO 9001:2008 certifications for our subsidiaries and factories. Continued efforts to ensure that we meet strict international standards sees the company currently working towards achieving the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000 standard for certification.

As a leader in rubber, MARDEC’s activities extend beyond the purely commercial. The company upgrade the quality of smallholders’ rubber to meet international requirements, and to provide them with an assured and fair marketing outlet. This commitment to the community and environment has carried forward to this day, with MARDEC being recognized for superior EHS practices and the company continuing to implement facilities to assist smallholders


Delivering sustainable midstream and downstream beneficially to the world.


To be global leader by empowerment, diversity, compassion & profesional. 

Focus on 2 core business sector

A business of processing rubber into semi-finished goods both in blocks and liquid form.


Providing quality custom-made rubber products that deliver value to our clients’ business and to their customers.





Universiti Sains Malaysia

Malaysia Rubber Council (MRC)

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