Ever since the first rubber seedlings were planted in Malaysia in the late 1900s, the rich milk of this golden crop never to flow from under the bark of the rubber trees. To date, Malaysia still sits among the too 5 countries in the world in terms of dollar value exports of natural rubber.

Our midstream team is in the business of processing rubber into semi-finished goods both in blocks and liquids form. With rubber processing facilities in 12 locations around Southeast Asia, MARDEC produces different grades of rubber according to international specifications and customer-unique requirements with different grade of high quality TSR and Latex products ranging SMR20, SMR10, SMR5, SMR20CV, SMR10CV, High Ammonia, Medium Ammonia and Low Ammonia of 60% DRC, PA80, SP40/50 and ML231 for the production of variable lifestyle and healthcare products like tyres, gloves, condoms, catheters, breathing bags, balloons, swimming fins, CI tubings, tank pads, industrial hoses and automotive parts.

Our Midstream Rubber Expertise

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Our Midstream Clients

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Continental AG


Hankook Tire

Seagift Co Ltd

Kumho Tire




Toyo Tires


Our Midstream Products

Grade 10

Standard Malaysian Rubber

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Grade CV 60

Standard Malaysian Rubber

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Grade 20

Standard Malaysian Rubber

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