On 18st August 2018, MARDEC organized its first ever ‘MARDEC LRT Race 2018’. It is a treasure hunt race around Kuala Lumpur City Centre via LRT as the only mode of transport. The main objective of this event is to foster team building skills, creative thinking skills and good relationship among MADEC employees. A total of 30 employees from HQ, Bota, Baling, Tapah, Mentakab, Kuala Berang, Ulu Ara, Saigon, Yala, and Indonesia participated in the race. They were divided into 6 teams; 5 members in each team. Each team was given a task at each checkpoint in order to receive the next clue and to earn points. There were 6 checkpoints scattered around the city centre. Team 6 came out as the champion as they accumulated the most points during the race. The prize giving ceremony was held Hotel Regency Scholars, University Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).