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MPSB Baling

In order to ensure the sustainability of MPSB Baling in rubber processing, the MPSB’s top management had requested MPSB Baling to increase its SMR 10/SMR 20 production to a maximum of 150 MT DRC/day. In order to comply with the regulatory requirements, the factory’s management has decided to upgrade its existing effluent treatment plant to cater for the increase in SMR 10/SMR 20 production. However, in order to preserve the environment, the factory had also decided to recycle its treated effluent completely (zero discharge) for use in its rubber processing.
Installation of piping system complete with submersible pump and effluent flow meter at the treated effluent sump
Treated Effluent Outlet Pipe to Inlet of Sedimentation Tank for daily use


Mardec-Yala to control malodour from the anaerobic pond by using a biogas recovery system. a number of latex concentrate processing factories and palm oil mills in Southern Thailand have started using the biogas recovery system, which enable them to overcome the malodour problem from the release of hydrogen sulphide and methane gases from their anaerobic ponds.